3D Modeling - Rendering - Animations - Photo Composites


          Our Process is simple!

All we need to complete a 3D image or
fly through animation is a copy of your
structural plans and material list. If we
can't see it, we can't build it! We work
from CAD files or scanned blueprints or
hand drawings provided they include a
dimensioned floor plan, roof plan,
elevations and site map. If interior
renderings are needed an electrical plan
will also be required so interior spaces
can be accurately illuminated.
     Your team will be updated through each step of the
  production process. To insure 3D structural detail and
  model accuracy, preliminary massing model images are
  forwarded for your review.
  Once 3D models are approved, the surfaces of the
  model are textured to your specifications. At this
  point the completed model is placed in a scene
  complete with people, vehicles, landscaping and a
  background which will compliment the structure.
   Test renderings are the very last step in the
approval process. After massing models, texturing
and camera angles are approved, the final test
renderings are submitted. Upon final approval, high
resolution images are processed in the size and
format specified. Images are emailed or uploaded
to our server for retrieval. All projects are archived
so if the need arises, clients can obtain reprints or
make future changes or additions to the existing
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